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Make Your Mark – Leave A Lasting Legacy

“I strongly encourage you to give to the SHBC Foundation! Because it is a permanent fund, it is a terrific way to literally give a gift that will keep on giving- a legacy that will follow you for generations to come in the life of our church. And, what most people don’t know is that with proper planning you can design your giving in such a way that you can bless your church with a significant gift without giving any less to your family!” – Pastor Hess

The Southern Hills Baptist Church Foundation began in 2001. The foundation’s vision is to establish and manage an endowment trust to carry out the Great Commission, Ministry and Mission Funding, New Facility Funding, and Capital Improvement Funding for Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK.

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For Future Generations

Donating to the Foundation provides a giving legacy opportunity. Your gifts assure a long-lasting legacy that will provide for future generations. Through the SHBC Foundation you may make charitable gifts that will become a permanent endowment of financial support and living memorial. The foundation may be used to honor that special person or In loving memory of a loved one or you may leave that legacy through your will or trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the SHBC Foundation from a tax deduction to how-to.

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Contact our Business Administer, Dave Heritage for more info.

Southern Hills Foundation FAQs

What makes this gift different from other forms of church giving?

The SHBC Foundation is a permanent fund and only the earnings from those invested funds will be used to support mission, ministry and building projects.

Are donations to the SHBC Foundation tax deductible?

Yes, The Foundation is part of Southern Hills Baptist Church a 501(c) (3) charitable organization and all donations to the foundation are tax deductible.

What kinds of gifts can be made to the SHBC Foundation?

Cash, Real Estate, Personal Property, Stocks & Bonds, Life Insurance and Planned Giving

Who administers the SHBC Foundation?

The SHBC Foundation has a Board of Directors nominated by the SHBC Deacon Body and elected by SHBC Membership. Currently, the SHBC Foundation Board has contracted with Tulsa Community Foundation to oversee and invest all funds.

I don’t have much, can I still help?

Yes, we can use gifts of all sizes. All donations are pooled in the fund creating a cumulative effect. Every gift contributes to the overall growth of the principal amount, which compounds the return on investments.

How do I make a gift to the Southern Hills Baptist Church Foundation?

Simply contact our church office or speak to one of our board members. 918-743-8897 or email our Business Administrator, Dave Heritage.