Uncomfortable Grace by Pastor Josh Lawrence

Uncomfortable Grace

Pastor Josh Lawrence

Life’s challenges are not a failure of the plan but are, in fact, part of God’s design to work within us, as highlighted by Paul David Tripp.

In the midst of his struggles, Apostle Paul shared about a thorn in his flesh – a painful, burdensome, and humiliating experience that tormented him. Despite his pleas for its removal, Christ’s response was that His grace is sufficient in weakness. This led Paul to understand that in his weaknesses, Christ’s power is made perfect.

Learning from his experience, Paul embraced his weaknesses, boasting in them so that Christ’s power could rest on him during hardships. He found joy in difficulties, insults, and persecutions for the sake of Christ, realizing that strength is found in weakness. Encouraging others to seek God’s message in their pain and to reject the negative messages from the enemy during spiritual battles.

In times of discomfort and struggle, it is essential to choose to listen to God’s message in the midst of pain, allowing His grace to sustain and His power to strengthen. Rejecting the enemy’s attempts to discourage and focusing on finding strength and purpose in weaknesses through faith in Christ.

Key Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

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