So, Misunderstood by Pastor Zac

So, Misunderstood

by Zack Workun, Student Ministry Specialist at LifeWay Christian Resources.

We should always take Jesus seriously, but not always literally. Rabbi Jesus speaks in metaphors to not educate us, but transform us.

It is characteristic of John’s dialogues that Jesus’ conversation partner misunderstands and interprets his meaning on a literal, material level. So it is with Nicodemus. He assumes Jesus is speaking of rebirth—“born again”—which, as he points out, is absurd if taken literally (3:4). Jesus then goes on to explain his meaning. He clarifies that being born “from above” does not mean “again” but rather “of water and the Spirit,” making it plain that he is not speaking of physical but of spiritual birth (2:5) – Dorothy A. Lee

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So, Misunderstood